Food Plot Management in Monroe, NC

A majority of our focus has been on the layout, design and implementation of food plots. Food plots attract deer in hunting season and can also provide the nutrition deer need outside of the hunting season. Although a food plot can be built by simply scratching up the ground and throwing down some seed you buy at your local big box retailer, there is far more to it than that!

  • What is your goal with building a food plot?
  • Do you want to attract deer during the hunting season?
  • Do you want to provide year-round nutrition for long term health of your deer?
Once you answer those questions, you have taken the first step.

How much property do you have available for food plots?

If you are a landowner, it may be very easy to locate a plot, but if you do not own the land, things can get a little tricky.

Why do a soil test?

Soil tests are cheap. Fertilizer and lime is not so cheap! A soil test will pay for itself by letting us know how much lime and fertilizer to apply. Properly conditioning your soil will allow your cultivars to grow in ideal conditions, making them more attractive to the deer we want to attract.

Check Out Our Work

A before picture of our food plot management in Monroe, NC
Before: We chose to use our ATV disc as this parcel needed a good bit of lime and fertilizer for the fall hunting plot. The fertilizer also helped the sawtooth oaks with a faster growth rate. The landowner wanted a stand of sawtooth oaks and an annual fall hunting food plot.
After: We used a mix from Whitetail Institute for this fall hunting food plot
Proper seed bed preparation is a must!
This lease holder wanted to reestablish a Durana Clover food plot in a field that had been fallow for 4 years.
A soil test indicated that we needed a significant amount of lime.
After we bush hogged and sprayed the plot with glyphosate, we applied the appropriate amount of lime and fertilizer.
This is a Durana clover plot, not a golf course!
We created the proper seed bed, and the clover came up beautifully!

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