Hunting Food Plot Management Services in Charlotte, NC

The goal for your deer management plan is to provide food, water and cover for your wildlife. If your deer have plenty of food, water and cover, they will stay on your property and off of your neighbour’s. For hunters in the Charlotte, NC, food is that largest component of the equation. 

At Central Carolina Habitat Solutions, we offer hunting food plot management services.  Let the professionals take care of ensuring your land is providing your deer with the proper nutrition, so you can hunt.


The first step is to determine your goals for hunting property.  We can help you decide if you only want to attract deer during the hunting season, or if you want to provide year-round nutrition for overall herd health

Once we have that piece, the can determine what we need to plant.  A soil test will ensure that our new food plot will flourish in the soil conditions that you have. 


After we plant your food plot, our work isn’t done. We also provide upkeep and maintenance services to keep your food plot working as it should. We’ll select the correct herbicides to get rid of weeds, bush hog any overgrown fields, and mow quickly growing fields, like clover, that need extra care. We have the equipment and experience we need to keep your food plots growing as they should.

In addition to the upkeep of food plots, we can also help you manage your natural vegetation. Food isn’t the only thing that deer need to survive, so we’ll help you ensure that you have all their needs covered on your property.

To learn more about what your land needs, give us a call at 704-904-3851.