Food Plot Management Services in Monroe, NC

For landowners who want to maintain the ecosystems on their land and enjoy quality sport during hunting season, food plots are important. Food plots provide food for wildlife year-round to attract birds and animals, like deer. Central Carolina Habitat Solutions offers food plot management in Monroe, NC. Contact us today to learn more about our management services.


For landowners and hunting lease holders who want to enhance their property with quality deer habitat. Central Carolina Habitat Solutions offers food plot management services so deer, turkey and all wildlife find your property more appealing than you neighbors. We build and maintain the food plots and native vegetation for optimal use by your wildlife. Contact us today to learn how our food plot management services can make your property the most attractive one in the area. 


Our Process


Food plots may seem simple; just dedicate some land where you leave food for animals, right? We know it takes more care and attention for a food plot to work and for wildlife to truly benefit from it.


We begin by consulting with you to learn your needs. Depending on your reasons for wanting a food plot, your preferences for year-round maintenance, and your available land, we can make a plan that will work specifically for you and help in everything from setting the plot up to managing food distribution throughout the year.


We also perform soil tests to make sure that the trees and foliage we’ll plant in and around your food plot will survive and then thrive, becoming an important part of attracting deer to your food plot.


Food plots may seem simple, but there is far more involved than simply scratching up the ground and tossing our some seed from your local big box retailer. That will certainly give you some green plants, but will that meet your goals for your property? We have nearly two decades of creating and maintaining quality deer and turkey habitat throughout the Central Carolinas. 


We begin with your goals. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to provide your deer with year-round nutrition to grow trophy bucks, or are you looking for a hunting plot to provide immediate attraction during the season? Maybe some of both? In either case they both need attention on a regular, recurring basis throughout the year. 


It all starts with a soil test. In order for your plots to produce the optimal tonnage, they need to have the right nutrients. Soil tests are cheap insurance to get your plot started on the right foot.


Our Promise


Central Caroline Habitat Solutions follows practices that will encourage the growth of deer herds in a biologically and ethically sound way. We take care of your land and promise the results of an increased deer population.


Central Carolina Habitat Solutions follows the best practices of the best deer managers in the country. We are continually striving to acquire the best knowledge from the best teachers in the country. 


Contact us today at 704-904-3851 so see how we can share that information with you.